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Car Buying Checklist

Don't buy any car until you are fully prepared. "Seat-of-the-pants" and emotional decisions usually are expensive!

Take time to do comparisons: vehicles, different ways of securing prices, dealers, financing and insurance.

Get background information on any car you are considering. Spending a little time doing your homework can save aggravation, time and money later.

The Internet has revolutionized the car buying process. Be aware of and take advantage of the new options and resources you have available.

Check your credit to determine if there is any problems that need to be dealt with. You can get a get a free copy of your credit score here.

Arrange your financing before you buy a car. Most experts recommend that you compare different financing programs prior to even shopping for vehicles. A resource such as Automotive.com has an easy application, and competitive rates.

Check and compare auto insurance rates to assure maximum savings. If you get a great deal on the car and then overspend on insurance, you're net savings will be less.

Become an expert on car pricing to get the deal that you deserve and are entitled to.

Determine how you want to buy the car. Do you want to go to a number of dealers to get competitive prices? Or, do you want to get a no-haggle price quote from a source such as autobytel.com?

Know what your warranty coverage is before you buy the car.

Beware of "add-ons" that dealers try to include when consumers buy a car. They are referred to as "add-ons" because that is precisely what they do for the dealer's profit.

Know what to expect at delivery. Being prepared will help you to avoid surprises!

Be aware of your total ownership costs--they can add up fast and if you're not careful, erase the savings you made when buying and financing the vehicle!


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