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Not only has the Internet helped to level the playing field between dealers and consumers (better access to pricing information as a good example) it has also opened up some new methods of handling the car purchase. In the past, you had only one course of action--the "traditional"--if you wanted to compare and save money. The last year or so, however, has opened up new ways of handling a car purchase.

What: The only method available for most of the last 40 years. For maximum effectiveness, requires information gathering and visits to dealerships to compare prices and offers.
How: Familiarize yourself with as much information about the car buying process as possible. Visit several--or many--dealerships, negotiating a deal with each. Select an acceptable price (and dealership) and buy the car.

What: If you are reasonably sure of the model in which you are interested, you can eliminate much of the running from dealer to dealer.
How: Select a make and model. Submit some basic information to a source such as InvoiceDealers.com, and receive multiple competing quotes from dealers in your area. Get a price quote.

What: A method of conducting the entire process online, from comparing vehicles to configuring, choosing and ordering the vehicle.
How: Compare and choose a vehicle, get a low price and order it online. You may even be able to arrange to have the car delivered directly to your home or office. More information.


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