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For car buyers, one of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the ability to get price quotes on new cars, eliminating the need for long (and usually expensive) haggling. Prior to the availability of such price quoting services, a buyer either had to spend time running from dealer to dealer trying to get a price, or, worse yet, needed to spend hours in the negotiating process.

The price quote services come in all flavors and have different ways of operating. Some examples:

One of the original sources for price quotes.

  • and its wholly-owned subsidiary,, North American Accredited Dealer Network consists of over 5,000 dealers committed to selling and leasing vehicles at competitive, no-haggle prices.
  • Unique visitors to and totaled nearly 5.3 million during Q2 2000.
  • has over 7 million registered customers. quote request

Complete the Purchase Request Form. They will locate an AutoVantage Dealer based upon your evening telephone number (so please make sure it is correct).

  • AutoVantage® will respond to you by e-mail within a few hours providing you with the following information:
    • Dealer name, address, and telephone number.
    • Name of the AutoVantage contact person at the dealership.
    • AutoVantage Preferred Price.
    • Any manufacturer customer rebates you are entitled.
    • Any manufacturer to dealer incentives that can help lower your cost further.
  • Contact or visit the AutoVantage representative at the dealer provided. It is important to work directly with the AutoVantage contact to ensure you receive the preferred AutoVantage Price.
  • Note: The AutoVantage Preferred Price you receive is based on current market conditions and inventory. In order to give you an accurate price, it is important that you only send a purchase request form when you are WITHIN 3 weeks of buying or leasing a car. For select makes, local market conditions, may limit our ability to provide a preferred price. If you are planning to trade in a vehicle, be prepared to discuss the trade when you visit the dealer.

AutoVantage quote request

CarsDirect has a different business model in that you will be getting a price quote upfront, and if it is acceptable, you can purchase the car directly from them, rather than having to visit a dealership to finalize the request.

  • Compare and select the vehicle you want (they have extensive tools for doing this).
  • See the Suggested Retail and Invoice prices along with the pre-negotiated CarsDirect price.
  • Order the vehicle at the price quoted.
  • CarsDirect will make all arrangements for the purchase.

CarsDirect quote request

  • Once you specify your car, you'll see the pricing up front, instantly and immediately, without even having to contact the dealer.
  • The pricing you see will be true pricing, with any "hidden charges" built in right up front.
  • You’ll get the benefit of instant, multiple competing quotes without having to drive all around town, make 20 phone calls, or submit leads through 10 different buying services. You’ll save hours of time.
  • You’ll get to choose your own dealer, not have one chosen for you.
  • You’ll get to consider their dealer quality ratings when deciding where to send your business. quote request


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